Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Thanks Tim!

We've just got back from a few days recording in Crewe. Everytime we've been somewhere, it feels like we've been away for ages. I think some people are like 'what, so you're back already? Didn't even miss you.' It's odd because we have such long and hectic days that a week seems like a year with the amount of things we do in it.

Anyway, I was slightly perturbed about how everything would go because I was feeling very, very low last week before we went. After Camden Crawl and before Crewe, I had the worst week I've had in a very long time. Nothing particularly happened...nothing was particularly bad...I just fell into a deep black hole and felt like there was no way out. I've realised that the worst thing to do is shut yourself away from people when you feel like that. I tried to avoid all contact with people and when I did speak to anyone, it was pretty negative and confrontational and I have no idea why. I really have to thank my sister, Grace, the girls and Polly for pulling me out of such a dark place. If any of you ever feel like that, do make sure you confide in at least one person.

We've recorded 3 amazing tracks with Tim and his engineer Jim. We are so incredibly happy with them and can't wait for you to hear them!! Tim's studio is a great little hideaway with bedrooms, kitchen and an absolutely massive lounge. We had such a cool time there and had a little party last night as it was the last day in the studio. This involved a few drinks and dancing to a random selection of records. Good times!

I really like Tim. I love how he supports new bands and new music. He's supported our band for a while now and makes every effort to come to our gigs and to hang out. He really gets our music and where we're coming from and this helped make the recording process so cathartic and enjoyable. I hope all of you have the opportunity to meet him at some point.

You will of course be the first to hear/know about the tracks so stay tuned!!

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