Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Four Eyes

I got some new glasses today.

They look purple but they are actually brown. They make me feel like everything is uphill and a little bit dizzy. I'm going to wear them on tour. Uh-oh. I look really tired here as I haven't slept properly for a week and have been DJing every night. Excuses, excuses....

I'm looking forward to a night in tonight. It's been a really hectic week since Stag & Dagger with loads of DJ sets/club nights. Sick Club last night was amazing fun and all involved had a great night despite the last minute move to Catch. Thanks for that people at Catch! Everyone is recording or on tour at the moment so it was great to see some faces I hadn't seen in a while. Thanks for coming down people!

Afterwards we ended up at Joiners Arms. It's becoming the end of night spot at the end of every night now as it's open til late and the music is pretty cheesy and fun.

Tomorrow we'll be in Manchester for the first date of the tour. We're really excited and have been looking forward to this for so long. I don't mind car journeys that much anymore after our epic drives all over France and just hope we get to stop at a Little Chef on the way as my dad always used to stop at them when I was younger. I'd always demand a chocolate milkshake and would hurl it back up as soon as my dad started the engine.

Good times ahead...

I'm now going to pack some DVDs and CDs for the van. Looks like it will be good road movies like Midnight Cowboy, Heathers, Chris Cunningham videos, Extras and lots of porn. As for music, I have Ciccone Youth on repeat but only have it on vinyl. Think it will have to be the usual staple of stuff like Pavement and PJ Harvey. I wonder what the others will bring.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs of the moment. People always go crazy for this in clubs when I play it. Long live The Knife!


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