Wednesday, 20 May 2009


We had an amazing rehearsal today! Wrote 2 songs that we love, both have 2 basses.

Quiet Riot:

Start a quiet riot
You make me blush
I feel like I'm on fire

But I've got a crush on another
I've got a crush on another
And it feels good

D-Bird - bass and vocals, X-Bird - bass and C-Bird drums.

It's a really fun song. For once I'm not singing about harming myself or others! What's going on?!!

I'll get X-Bird to post up the lyrics to the other new song. It's really heavy! Proper Birds rocking out! X-Bird on bass and vocals, C-Bird on bass and yours truly on drums.

Today just confirmed why I love our band so much. I can go from singing and playing bass to playing drums in the matter of a few moments. I love the freedom and energy it creates. Yes, lots of other bands have started swapping round and good luck to them. We all know who did it first. Just remember that!

I'm really craving one of these right now:

However it's almost midnight and I'm tucked away in bed. I'm going to have to try and dream of one whilst I fall asleep listening to Darklands....

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.