Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I was fortunate enough to spend time with Chris Cunningham over the weekend. I've idolised him since I was 16 and meeting him was an absolutely amazing experience. He is humble, intelligent and deeply kind. He is also as much as a music obsessive as I am.

I have been greatly fascinated by his ability to make such beautiful art alongside such disturbing art....people usually tend to only be able to do one or the other and not both. To be able to do both to such an incredibly unique standard is so just inspiring.

This has always been a personal favourite:

He is also a massive Nirvana and Pavement fan!!

Pay your respects and definitely check his stuff out. I suggest you buy 'The Work Of Director Chris Cunningham' and 'Rubber Johnny' DVDs to start off with. They will change your life...they definitely changed mine....



Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Birds need you!!!

Put your money where your mouth is and contribute to the next upcoming Decasia Club fanzine!


Deadline is February 19th. The next Decasia Club will be taking place on THURSDAY FEBURARY 26TH AT THE LEGION. The night is a homage to the amazing MTV programme Alternative Nation which was one of the few mediums I had in discovering great music when I was younger. We'll be playing the best in alternative music from the 1980s to present. Line up to be revealed shortly!!

LadyFest 2009

Unfortunately due to the poor weather, two thirds of The Birds are stuck out of London today and therefore we've had to cancel our gig tonight. We're really gutted about it and encourage those who are in London to pop down to Goldsmiths to see KASMs and a bunch of other great bands supporting the great cause.

We'll be back soon...