Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I was fortunate enough to spend time with Chris Cunningham over the weekend. I've idolised him since I was 16 and meeting him was an absolutely amazing experience. He is humble, intelligent and deeply kind. He is also as much as a music obsessive as I am.

I have been greatly fascinated by his ability to make such beautiful art alongside such disturbing art....people usually tend to only be able to do one or the other and not both. To be able to do both to such an incredibly unique standard is so just inspiring.

This has always been a personal favourite:

He is also a massive Nirvana and Pavement fan!!

Pay your respects and definitely check his stuff out. I suggest you buy 'The Work Of Director Chris Cunningham' and 'Rubber Johnny' DVDs to start off with. They will change your life...they definitely changed mine....

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