Friday, 22 May 2009


I had a great time at Decasia last night. It was great sitting in The Griffin with good friends, good conversations and good music....bliss! The perfect way to spend a Friday.

Andrew Not Cool, Charlie Mirrors and I.

I never get presents. I probably never give any too. I get so excited when I get presents and this one was no exception.

I love Charlie from Maria & the Mirrors. We've been randomly bumping into each other lately and it's great to hang out with him. He's got amazing music taste and is such a kind generous soul. He went home to Cornwall for a few days and came back tonight and did an epic DJ set at Decasia playing everything from The Fall to Janet Jackson and dancehall, I really enjoyed it.

He also brought me back a present:

Yes, authentic Cornish scones!

I also got another present from my friend Dario this week - loads of wool.

So that means I'm going to get back on the knitting on tour.

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