Tuesday, 26 May 2009

From My Understanding Part 1

From My Understanding... Part 1
By X-Bird

Magenta Melodrama

There is beauty in melodrama…

What is the fucking point of living life in black and white? Is it not better to understand your misgivings in technicolour? A wave of failures and triumphs illustrated by a rainbow. A shade for every joy, a tone for every sorrow. A colourful life.

Live life like a Hypercolour t-shirt. You come alive when you’re touched, reacting to human warmth with an explosion of colour. Whoever invented those t-shirts was on to something. I remember them being popular in the early nineties during the height of rave culture. Bodies pushed up against each other moving, gyrating to a unified rhythm. Body warmth reacting to the chemistry of the fabric. Everyone in love with each other.

You’re so cool, you wear black. You’re so cool, you think in black. You’re just so damn cool. Bring back the Hypercolour t-shirt, save my sanity!

I want to walk like a fucking rainbow and blind you all with my magenta.

I want to be Joseph in that dream coat, walking around like some big man on a mission from God. I want his life. Even Dolly Parton made a song about a coat of many colours...

It’s all about breaking out and being coloured, any fucking colour you want. I want to be magenta.

It’s funny I talk of colours now as I’m staring at a black and white photo, ‘Le reve des objects’- DREAMING OF OBJECTS. A woman in white, her head out of frame, a cocktail glass filled with black liquid placed where her cunt should be. It’s beautiful. I’m mesmerised by it. The cocktail glass, the liquid, her cunt an object of so called desire. But you know all I want right now is for magenta to take me away and make me colourful. I want to fill that cocktail glass with a rainbow. I want to fill my own personal, impersonal cocktail glass with my own multihued colour explosion. I want to blind myself with colour and live life like a Hypercolour t-shirt and react against your warmth, react against the grain of being alive. It’s all chemistry after all and if I just alter my chemistry maybe one day, just maybe I might be MAGENTA

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