Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I think this is some kind of public service announcement

As of pretty much now, we have new management. I'm very happy to announce that Gordon Keen of Captain America/Eugenius and James Amner of Weekender Records will both be our managers.

We're pretty fortunate to have 2 men who live and breathe music and understand what we are about representing us so soon after we parted with our last manager. Sometimes it feels like someone is watching over us.....Thank you..

I was fortunate enough to be played some new Eugenius songs today which Gordon recently recorded with the legendary Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines. It is truly amazing! I hope they release it and play it live too. The world needs to hear it! I also heard some new Primary 5 songs - this is Gordon's band with Paul Quinn from Teenage Fanclub. You can check them out here:

It's pretty exciting times for us now. There is a lot on the Bird horizon including some opportunities to work with some real heroes of mine. I must pretend that my head is well and get on with it.

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