Friday, 3 April 2009

What a week

I am awfully grateful it has come to an end. Actually, this week wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. A couple of unexpectedly great, amazing things happened which overshadowed the minor crap. That is always special. Yay.

This weekend gives me a lot to look forward to. It is Decasia tomrrow evening! I am so glad it has come round so quickly as the Hacienda night was SO much fun and I have been anticipating this Back to the 90s night very much.

Last night, I ventured out to a club night that I have never been to but heard a lot about. It was such a major disappointment. The atmosphere was completely soulless, the music was crap, we got heckled by some idiots that turned out to be the promoters of the night and what annoyed me was that this night was meant to be one of the most edgiest in London. Jesus! I make a huge deal over the people and bands that come to my night. There is no favouritism as I want everyone and anyone to come along, have a good time and more than anything, to feel welcome. That is how I look at the role of a promoter - as someone supporting new and interesting music but also a good, friendly and accommodating host. If you are a dick looking to make a bit of money, get some street cred and don't give a crap about the people who come to your nights or the bands (I heard bands complaining at the bar moments before they were due on stage as they had to buy their own damn beers and had not received any free drinks) then I will find you, track you down, sit you down and slap you very hard around the face.

I am watching you...

In the meantime, 9pm tomorrow for a FREE night at Catch with Not Cool, R O M A N C E, Vegas Whores playing live, The Birds, Zezi Ifore, Hanna Hanra and Rac Mac on the decks. Woop woop!!!!!

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kerstin said...

Wow you girls are cool. Loved your performance at Corsica Studios tonight.