Monday, 6 April 2009

Lydia Lunch the Life Coach and Marmite Lovers


As usual, the amazing food spread from the wonderful Amanda and Adrian who run Corsica Studios, was phenomenal! The entirely vegetarian feast (yay!) was prepared by a local South London heroine, Miss Marmite who infamously runs a restaraunt from her living room. The food was amazing and helps to keep the faith that you can get great, varied veggie food.
You can read her blog here:

and an article about her restaraunt:

We also met some amazing fans last night. Mary-Jane and Sally are both from America and met each other last night on the road as they were walking to the gig. It's great when people come up and say they love your music and genuinely mean it. I just never know what to say back. Sorry.

Also here are Teenage Jesus during their soundcheck as those of you who came to the show may not have seen much from where you were standing seeing as it was so packed last night:

It was great to see Lydia and to also know that she has heard of us and really likes our music. Lydia now lives in Barcelona after having lived all over the US and London. We asked her about when she lived in London. "I moved here 1981/1982 because Nick Cave and Marc Almond lived here. I was totally stalking them," she said with a cheeky grin.

Last night was a very strange and difficult night for me. I think I had an extremely indulgent night at Decasia and had been in hospital the day before that so everything really caught up with me. Lydia saw my state of numbness and took me aside and said, "Criticism means nothing to me. Praise means nothing to me. I do what I do for me and for no one else. I believe in myself and I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. You do the same, doll."

I am trying, Lydia. I really am.

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Loved your gig. Great to meet you! My Underground Restaurant is in North London, Kilburn to be precise.
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