Saturday, 18 April 2009



1. That I am useless at coming up with fake names. Might as well have called myself Hugh Jarse.
2. Getting this band around the country/world is not as difficult and possibly far easier than I initially imagined. Thanks to X-Bird, we are going to be able to navigate ourselves around France next week. Phew! That was close.
3. I have forgotten to knit for 5 months.
4. Everytime a major disaster seems to happen for this band, we bounce back exceedingly quickly and feel the outstretched arm of Good Fortune.
5. I don't do anything cultural anymore - theatre, galleries, exhibitions. I blame this on severe lack of funds rather than a severe lack of interest.
6. I haven't eaten any parsnips this entire week.
7. I don't have many friends. I've become comfortable with the few people I hang out with and the thought of going out without them and with new people terrifies me.
8. I am desperate to hear NEW great music.
9. I miss doing my club nights and it's going to be pretty hard fitting everything in but I'm looking forward to the next one immensely.
10. We will miss playing the regular London shows that we've done for the last year but we are really looking forward to playing round the country and abroad. It feels like we're starting all over again as a band and it's extremely exciting.

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