Tuesday, 14 April 2009

2009 The Year That Punk Broke?

Gosh, if you haven't seen this documentary already then please, please, please check it out.

What I would've done to have been old enough and aware enough to go see this tour back in 1991.

I love the scene of Dave Grohl in the backstage area feeling up the grapes and kiwis!!

I really think it's time to harp back to the days where great bands tour together because they have a similar ethos, attitude and love each others music. Although we just did a few nights of the Selfish Cunt tour back in December, there was a real sense of kinship between us. Hell, maybe all bands are currently touring with each other to experience that but I want to experience this again for myself.

Who knows what the future holds? This current lifestyle leads to dramatic shifts in fame and fortune in the space of a few days let alone trying to plan and manage expectations beyond that.

All in all, it's exciting times...

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