Sunday, 29 March 2009


So I've been known to rant a lot and in relation to live gigs, especially in London, about the self-conscious audiences.

Last night we played WORSHIP - a 2 day mini festival set in the decadent but slightly decaying grounds of Shoreditch Church. Technically, the sound could've been a bit better but atmosphere-wise, it was one of the most enjoyable gigs I've ever done.

It was great to see people go mental at the front and also that a little encouragement from me to go more mental resulted in a stage invasion. It was fantastic! I hope this will happen again at our gigs as it was so much fun.

I also really need to thank Sean Mclusky and Martin James Tickner. They organised and promoted the festival in just 2 weeks and it was a tremendous success. It's also great to see a couple of mavericks organise great live gigs at non-traditional venues. They are London's current unsung heroes and if it wasn't for them, Shoreditch would be an extremely boring and uninspiring place.

Watch out for their next adventure - Shoreditch Festival 2009 in July. Can't wait.

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Boris said...

It was an excellent show. I enjoyed talking to you for a bit afterwards as well. Thanks
Carl (the guy with the Eraserhead tee)