Friday, 27 March 2009


Goth? Grunge? Rave? Is it all true?

Create a unique sound by channeling your inspirations and not copying them. Then no one can label you as anything or pin point an exact sound you sound like because you have created something new, independently.

Does anyone out there agree? I really do hope so.

Somehow, (I think mainly because we all happened to wear black in our early press shots) we've been referred to as a goth band. It's ridiculous and the whole faux goth scene is contrived. There are some goth bands I'm into for sure but what we create and write is not fuelled by them alone but by other music, poetry, people - both real and imaginary, films, politics, science, love, hate and everything in between and those that read this blog hopefully recognise that.

I wrote an article for a magazine at the beginning of the year about my club night Decasia and mentioned an apparent grunge revival. As much as I love grunge and would collapse if a band as good as Nirvana arrived on the current scene, part of the premise of writing the article was to create a mild social experiment; to throw a genre out there, into the public psyche and see whether what I've always believed: 99% of people are sheep and need to be told what to like - was actually true.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're a goth, grunge kid, britpop kid or raver or just a fan of music in general. What is important, is that musicians direct their influences and not just copy or steal from them and that those who listen should listen with open minds and hearts and not just with their eyes. Let's all enjoy music but be prepared to give credit where genuine credit is due.


Rant over.

Now then, this is a great band who are massively underrated, The Rogers Sisters who I met through our mutual friends The Raveonettes back in 2006. I'm listening to their 'Invisible Deck' album quite a lot at the moment. I really love this song.

Here is an interview I did with them back in the day when I was a budding music journo myself....



Anonymous said...

Ach, I loved The Rogers Sisters, I was very upset when they split. Although Miyuk's new bands are very good. I wonder what the girls are up to these days? I wonder if they still have their bar in Williamsburg? I visited it once, it's very nice. I tried to chat-up Laura R. and got a free drink for my troubles...

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump said...

Haha well done on getting the drink! Yeah they are really great people. I think they are getting new projects together which is great. Cheers for the comments Matt, and thanks for reading! D-Bird x