Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Oh Lydia!

I am over the moon to announce that we are supporting Teenage Jesus and The Jerks at Corsica Studios on Sunday April 5th. For those unaware, Corsica Studios is one of my most favourite venues in the UK which is run by an amazing couple, Amanda and Adrian who have impeccable music taste and a real, genuine love for supporting the underground. Please, please check it out:

I first visited Corsica Studios last May to see Lydia perform her spoken word project. It was here where a bemused Lydia stepped forward to my defence when a slightly drunk and disorientated me had a mild altercation with a bouncer concerning me spilling my drinks everywhere and trying to walk out of fire exits. It was at Corsica Studios where I spoke to Lydia and understood that her fire, passion and drive were in fact overwhelmingly humble and genuine.

Lydia has never married or had any children to my knowledge. However through her music and spoken word and having met her, I feel that both of these things have not made her feel any less of a woman. She is empowered, confident, intelligent and just so inspiring.

Often, I think about having never really experienced being in love and as each day passes, I feel that this one thing continues to elude me. Flings are always just flings and nowadays even the notion of trying to like someone and getting to know them always seems to backfire for me. I just can't win. I just don't understand. How intimidating am I? How unlovable am I? I am trying to accept this and aim to channel the restlessness that the lack of true companionship gives me into my writing and music. Sonnets of a dying unloved heart? Hardly, but it's getting there...

I look forward to April 5th immensely. Not only for the rare opportunity of seeing an astounding band of yesteryear finally have their moment but also at the prospect of sharing a stage with a wise, independent, self-assured lady whose work as an artist and life as a human being gives me great comfort and makes me feel less like a freak.




frankie teardrop said...

the teenage jesus reunion show in new york was filled with just the right amount of bile, yet was still fantastic as a show in and of itself. i posted a youtube video i shot from my digital camera that night. should be under djfrankieteardrop.

as for yr malaria request--->i was going to upload the compiled collection, as it's all i have, but it's also here to beat me to the punch!

grab it there! thanx for reading the blog! good luck with the show!

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump said...

Oh cool will check out the video clip for sure. I'm praying that a certain Mr Thurston Moore will make an appearance at the UK show...Will certainly keep you posted! Cheers for the Malaria! link too, D-Bird