Monday, 16 March 2009

In the mind of an X-Bird

I've never been one to be into gambling but a recent internet obsession of mine has been SCRABBLE and I'm awful at it. Feverishly scouring the game board for people to play with, usually only picking those who have a 20% win on their game card and sporting an incorrectly spelt username just so I can have that win, win, win.

I have this habit of getting obsessed with things short term.

I was also that annoying 8 year old girl who would go goo-goo eyed whenever Take That were on tv, by the time they broke up I was obsessing over collecting Forever Friends merch. Gary Barlow exclaiming, 'It's all over!' didn't even move me enough to shed one tear as I was in Clinton Cards making my mum buy me ANOTHER over priced Forever Friends sticker book. Well that's show buisiness.

...3 weeks on my Scrabble obsession is now over.

I won 5 games.

There are two lasting passions/obessions which continue to enlighten, liven and enrapture me daily. Music and film. Both passions I got into at quite a late stage in my teens. I was utterly bored and uninspired by what I saw on tv and heard on the radio- my mind was a wasteland. I felt like I was constantly counting sheep. Unexpectedly I heard The Strokes on the radio and started searching out bands they were inspired by, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges etc etc. From then I went NYC crazy like everyone else did at the time and discovered the dark underbelly of NY No Wave in Lydia Lunch, Suicide et al. Music was this melting pot of excitment I hadn't explored before. C-Bird and I then shaved our hair off and dyed it orange, in the process making our mum cry, then we started going to gigs every night, sleeping rough on the London streets for hours before first trains back to the sticks. We did this practically 5 nights a week- 2 nights were spent catching up on sleep and recovering from 5 day hangovers. It was around this time that C-Bird and I met the most wonderful exciting people (bar D-Bird who we didn't meet until 2 years ago!)usually lining up outside gigs- two girls in paticular we were drawn to as they were the only people in the queue with a six pack of beer they were ready to share! We formed our first girl gang and called ourselves The Luvians which was a going to be the name of a Strokes cover band we wanted to form. Our ethos, was to enjoy music, pour beer all over ourselves and dance, dance, dance until sunrise. Looking back at photos, we were a neon mess of lace, peroxide, smeared eyeliner and lipstick. As a collective we would use each other's handbgs as pillows whilst sleeping under Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Sq and re-enact our favourite band photos. Music was what brought us together and we had the best time! Today I'm still continuing this ethos. Recently I was at a club and spent the whole night dancing away with D-Bird- she commented on how happy and free I was on the dancefloor (well I say, 'dancefloor' but we were really dancing on a stage). If the music is good, I'll be dancing away until the bouncers drag me off- I'll be doing this forever.

Next time you see me out and about, lets have a dance!


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