Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Where is the love?

Today I've been thinking about matters of the heart again. I'm wondering, where did all the love go? Not in the boring, idealised sense of romance, no sir. But where did all the stormy, trashy, turbulent, sexually-charged dalliances of yesteryears rock stars go? We need to bring this back!!

I'm not condoning or condemning any set lifestyle at all. I am merely thinking aloud - curious as to where misspent youth and energy are spending their time. Perhaps it's because we are too tame these days or the fact that people seem to be more and more introverted and more and more insulated. Boring! I have my firm few intellectual friends that I love and care for so much but sometimes I feel totally out on a limb with my views on other stuff. More than anything, I have constant battles with myself as to what is 'correct' behaviour. I may say one thing and do the complete opposite. I tend to do this a lot and it's pretty frustrating. I suppose I'm a real hypocrite underneath it all.

At the end of the day, I suppose we all must calm down. I mean, look at Stephanie Seymour. She went from playing Axl Rose's bride in the November Rain video to marrying this in real life:

Yes, an overweight fiftysomething billionaire banker.



I would have stuck with Axl.


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