Tuesday, 16 June 2009

RyanScare Vs The Pixies

Jesus. RyanScare is an absolute disgrace. I don't understand why people think that if something has the word 'budget' or 'low cost' in it then it's alright to be treated like a piece of crap. I believe that any service provided, even a free service, should have a standard level of respect for its customers.

Ryan Air don't believe this. No sir. Their policy is: if we don't say anything, it never happened. So when you go up to a young Italian trolley dolly and demand to know why you boarded the plane 2 hours after it was meant to take off and hear the engines being switched on an hour and a half after you've been strapped into your chair and made to stare at orange tanned slick back pony tailed grumpy air stewards floundering their arms about with a demonstration life jacket on, you are met with this response.

Did you hear that?


That was a resolute nothing as a response.

Anyway, the only thing that cheered me up a semi tone was a call from a dear friend telling me that The Pixies concert was about to start in under an hour. Of course I was not even in the air let alone anywhere near east London. Ahhh. But it felt so good to know that my dearest friends were thinking of me and wishing me to be there.

This one is for you. You know who you are.



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