Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Fbk lol.

I haven't written on here for a while, under the ethos that if you ain't got anything to say, it's better holding back than posting a blank page. So here I am talking about something that is making my mind's eye dribble slightly. At the moment my only company is facebook, bed and now blogger.com. We've just finished the last week of our tour and on my return i have spent the past couple of days under the duvet in the foetal position with facebook on the laptop arms or stumbles length away. Facebook quizzes are my new internet thing, fuck You Tube or online scrabble- these pointless quizzes are actually helping me tick away the time. Reading a good book or watching a film, whatever. For the past couple of days my mind is a zombie. I'm keeping it blank, I'm playing the 'dumb blond' until I decide I'm ready to play the 'intelligent brunette' or whatever. Through these facebook quizzes I can assess how gay i am (65%), what will happen on prom night (I will get arrested) and when I will have a baby (14 March 2014). Amazing. For next couple of days facebook is my social life. Don't call me, facebook me. You want my attention? Superpoke me instead and in return I'll send you a vodka cocktail via the applications section. Lets fbk chat and lol all night. Hey, you know what? I'll even 'like' your facebook status updates.


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