Sunday, 21 June 2009


This week brings a close to our tour. It couldn't have ended on a greater high - Wrexham with Martin and our friends Ira and Kristina in tow was one of our best gigs ever!

Last night we played a great club called Twee Off which is at Norwich Arts Centre which is a huge church. There was a very cool crowd and we saw some amazing bands - Men and Fever Fever who both supported us. It was a really cool night.

Now we rehearse for about 10 days before we head off to record our album. Unfortunately we still can't give much away about it due to instructions from the greater powers that be which sucks a lot. However we're planning on it having 12 songs and it is being produced by one of my all-time heroes. It's so exciting I'm going to burst!

Anyway, it is Father's Day and I'm a bad daughter as I'm so exhausted I can't make the trip home...Here's some random photos I've found on my phone from the last few weeks.

Camilla Ghost School/Creep Club is the coolest girl around!

Favourite new pass time is milkshakes!

My best milkshake buddy wearing the scarf I knitted for him

Lovely message from Twee Off!

Which I can't help defacing....

Norwich Arts Centre


Venice Square

The saltiest margherita pizza ever....


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