Friday, 14 November 2008

Section 5 Magazine

I'm never one to hold back about my love for fanzines. In fact, I have been running my own fanzine Soma Soma Scene for almost 4 years now on quite a sporadic basis. The most compelling thing about fanzines for me, is the people who are behind them - absolute music and art lovers who are obsessed with what they write about. Hence most fanzines are written in an honest, inspiring and sincere way. I never get the same feeling of excitement if I read mainstream printed magazines.

Anyway, I have just contributed an article for the new Section 5 Magazine which will be available at the Shot By Both Sides club night on November 20th at Amersham Arms. The Birds will be playing the next SBBS in December so make sure you come and check it out!!

I also must mention other fanzines I like - Nemesis To Go, The New Thing , Toypirate and Construction House. Have a read of them!

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