Friday, 14 November 2008

Currently listening to...

No Kisses - a great new Cold and Flu Wave band (as they like to call themselves) who will be supporting us on Sunday Nov 16th at 93 Feet East alongside some other great new bands.

Slowdive - good for staying in when you've got a bad cold and only your blanket for company. I really want to do another set of Shoegaze club nights again. The ones I did last year at the Strongrooms were so much fun - resident DJs were myself, Ulterior and Shot By Both Sides and guest DJs included The Raveonettes. Hmmm..I may consider reprising this so if anyone's interested in getting involved, give me a shout. I also want to do a Grunge night early 2009.

Shine - Slowdive

The Velvet Underground - some may say an obvious choice but being one of the first bands to have a female drummer and probably the first rock band to ever have a standing up drummer - they deserve to be mentioned a million times over. Moe is a legend.

Tommi Stumpff - I came across him when I was listening to a German iPod in Berlin. Very dark electronica with tortured vocals. I really like it and I'm trying to track down more of his stuff.


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