Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Send help quick, for our words are dying......

I have received two lovely messages today. Not messages asking about whether I can DJ/play/go out somewhere for a wild night but instead I was sent beautiful, personal, constructed words. Yes, I was sent two beautiful poems.

Myself and two friends have been sending each other some of our poems today. For me, I think I love poetry even more than I love music and I guarantee you, that's a whole lot of love there. I first fell in love with words and as I became older, fell in love with the way words were arranged to music. Most of my lyrics are based on poems I've written in the past.

I used to be involved in spoken word and my last spoken word performance was at Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival in 2005. Getting up and reading poetry in front of Patti Smith was no easy feat. Since then, I've thought about getting back into it but a growing lack of confidence and fear for something I once loved so dearly has overwhelmed me.

Anyway, I have begun taking little steps towards reacquainting myself with the old, lyrical me. This poetry correspondence is one of those ways.

It's always nice to find kindred spirits in whatever you do and the hardest battle is finding them. Personally, I feel that poetry is a dying art form and want to devote a lot of time next year into regenerating it in whatever way I can. I hope I am proved wrong and that words are out there thriving and I am just an unaware, simple soul.


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