Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A few more favourite things....Simon Price

I love year-ends and year-beginnings...it's the only time you really think hard about the past and the future as everything hits the wayside during the year and you rarely have time to stop and take anything in.

Being in this profession, it is not just talent alone that gets you anywhere. We Birds have worked our arses off and continue to do so. We don't rely on nepotism or previous bands we've been in or anything like that to get us off the ground. Therefore we really appreciate it when people help us of their own accord.

One of those such people is Simon Price of The Independent. He's been a great supporter of our band since he saw us play at Durrr back in January 2009. I deeply admire Simon. He is a great writer and they are such a dying breed especially in the music industry. He is also a die-hard music fan. He wrote a great biography on the Manics and seems to possess what few other music journos have these days - genuinity, intelligence and real zest for music. My respect for him increased even more a few days ago when I saw he posted out a rant referencing Rimbaud and Keats and the great masterpieces they wrote aged 25 and in comparison and at the same age, certain young TV/radio personalities are such imbeciles. Hear, hear...my sentiments exactly. The continual moral and physical destruction of the English language is unbearably painful and I am glad a few people out there acknowledge this.

Anyway, here's to Simon Price and I hope he continues to write and support many more bands for many, many more years.


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