Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Young Love

Top 5 loves from girlhood:

1. My bed- I still have the same bed now, ok so the mattress has changed but the bed post is still the same. It was originally a bunk bed when C-Bird and I shared a room when we were 8 years old. When we were kids C-Bird and I were having one of our petty arguments over who was going to turn the light out as we were both already tucked into bed and too lazy to get out and flick the switch. She tried leaning out of her top bunk to turn off the light but fell head first out of her bunk and on to the floor. On her way down her brow hit the top of my bottom bunk. There was blood everywhere so as you can imagine pretty horrific for an 8 year old but I remember feeling extremely jealous when she got back from the hospital after getting her brow stitched with a bag of sweets and a couple of days off school to boot. SNOT fair AND she dented my bed frame. Pah. Actually I still think my bed is the love of my life.

2. Michael Jackson- It was all because of the cover for 'Bad'. Leather studs, perm, tight pants, smooth dance moves...but I was only 6. I must admit in adulthood I'm no longer a fan of perms, tight pants scare me (basically they're leggings right?) as for smooth dance moves…I’m still hook, line and sinker. C-Bird and I had a life size poster of Michael Jackson on our wall which faced our bunk bed but my father insisted we take it down after a while as it used to scare us at night…true story.

3. River Phoenix- ok who DIDN’T fancy him?! As with most people, you tend to copy your older (much cooler) siblings. C-Bird and I have an older sister, who we thought was the coolest person in the world. If she wanted to wear stonewashed denim (de rigueur) and not wash her hair…then we wouldn’t either because it was COOOOOOL and she thought River Phoenix was hottest guy alive so naturally we did too. I’ve recently been watching his films again, ‘Dog Fight’, ‘My Own Private Idaho’ and ‘Stand By Me’ (which was a personal favourite growing up!) and yes that tweenie crush I had is still there. RIP.

4. Keanu Reeves- Again because of the big sister. In my ‘Own Private Idaho’ you get a River and Keanu double fix. Yes it’s a film that must be revered for its artistic merit etc etc, Gus Van Sant etc etc but lets cut to the chase here I’m pretty sure a million girls swooned over this union in the 90’s. I wouldn’t recommend ‘Point Break’ though unless you’re a Swayze fan because frankly Patrick Swayze’s blonde hair and beard in the film is wrong.

5. Christian Slater- ‘Heathers’, need I say more? Ok so there’s a psycho in the school, there’s a f***ing psycho in the school! But…he’s actually fairly attractive and he talks like Jack Nicholson (why is this attractive?)…oh my god- there’s a psycho in the school and we want to be Winona Ryder. Fast forward 15 years…let’s just forget about what he looks like these days after all, those arched eyebrows DIDN’T seem creepy when he was 20.

Honourable mention: Johnny Depp- because we still fancied him when he had scissors for hands (again we wanted to be Winona Ryder…) AND he wore a crop top in Nightmare On Elm Street. Look!

I was obviously planning on marrying all of them but you know how plans change.


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