Friday, 16 January 2009

Unveiling our motherland

Here are two new songs expelled from the minds of birds and recorded at our recent rehearsal session. Enjoy! X- Bird


She picks up the mask
With trembling hands
Traces its shape
Makes her numb, final plans

She marks her own eyes
With its own eyes
And kisses its lips
Dull, porcelain lips

The feel of its skin
Rubbing her skin
The shiver inside
Feels like its something to hide

The mask was never real
Won't stop from making you cold
This is what it feels like
To lie next to someone so cold

Unveil your eyes

D-Bird lyrics/bass/vocals, X-Bird bass/vocals, C-Bird Drums
Our Motherland

Father our motherland.
Turn it into,
Your own killing lands.

Killing fields turned blue, purple and red.
You turned me blue, purple and red.

Victory reigns over,
Lands forgotten.
Time to forget your mother,
In favour of your father.

Forget your mother.

X-Bird lyrics/vocals, D-Bird Bass, C-Bird Drums

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