Wednesday, 21 January 2009


As part of D-Bird's club night Decasia on the 28th January, Decasian friends old and new have been invited to submit pieces of work for the Decasia fanzine. It promises to be a great night with some exciting live acts on the bill! Also I've heard on the grape vine that D-Bird and Selfish Cunt have something exciting up their sleeve! Hope to see you there!

Below is a piece I have written for the zine.


'Good Morning'

Unnerved at the thought of anonymous ears listening to your conversations with God you decided to internalise your prayers similar to they way in which you kept your sins secret. You were sure that this way God would hear you in every fine detail. You wanted to be sure he would hear you perfectly, right to the very last silent syllable. No Chinese whispers. The message would be received first hand from your silent tongue. You can’t remember how long you spoke but suddenly overcome with the weight of your eyelids you surrendered yourself to sleep and allowed it to wash over you in waves.

You woke the next morning optimistic. The ease with which you flexed your toes suggested the heating finally worked. From your bed you saw the blue sky struggling through grey bloated clouds. You decided to have a lie in. Unaware of how much time had passed you drifted in and out of light sleep. Dreaming, the occasional nightmare seeping through. These episodes became fragmented memories of moments that never really happened. No clear beginning, no clear end. Your unconscious created the story but you couldn’t remember it. You remembered how this used to bother you. You used to think sleep burgled you of your imagination. You reminisced of those moments spent during uneventful days piecing together the previous night’s unconscious narratives like a jigsaw puzzle. They never did quite fit how you wanted them to so you dug deep into your imagination and thought up new narratives completely different to the fragmented memories of your dreams. Unable to understand your sleep any better you concluded that you were cheating your subconscious and in doing so, cheating yourself.

Shaking the last remnants of sleep out of your mind you willed yourself out of bed. As your toes grazed the carpet you watched as the blue sky in an act of defiance shattered opposing clouds into soft swirls of frozen crystals dispersing into the atmosphere.

Today is brand new.

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