Friday, 19 December 2008

A nod from a hero's hero

I know it seems like I harp on about Nirvana in almost every post but I just can't help it. I'll try and vary the musical references from now on but today, it's going to be all about Nirvana. Again.

We played Shot By Both Sides, a great club night, last night at the Amersham Arms. It was great to play south of the river as the people and bands we played with were slightly more eclectic than our usual east London haunts.

In between festive merriment and whilst standing outside for a breath of fresh air, a man came up and started talking to me about how much he enjoyed the show. It later transpired that the man was Gordon Keen - member of Captain America/Eugenius and BMX Bandits, two massively underrated Scottish bands from yesteryear. As soon as he mentioned this, I got slightly excited as Kurt Cobain often spoke about his love for these bands. Captain America supported Nirvana alongside Shonen Knife on their 1991 Nevermind European Tour. How's that for a story?

Keen said that after hearing us a few songs in, he turned to his friends and said how we need to get into the studio with Steve Albini. He's top of our wish list too. The feedback we got from him was great as not only did he understand what we are doing, he also said it was great to see a band keeping the faith alive - the faith that made bands of his generation do what they did. It was very inspiring to hear these words from the hero of one of my heroes.

I also thought I should mention a bit more on Shonen Knife as Keen mentioned he thought we were Japanese when he saw us in a magazine. Just for the record...we're not Japanese! The similarities with Shonen Knife lie in the fact we're a 3 piece composed of a pair of sisters and we also love punk/surf but we're not ethnically the same! X-Bird and C-Bird are from the Philipines and I'm half Nepalese, half South Indian. Hopefully that's cleared that up for good!


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