Saturday, 7 November 2009

Small town pub pickles my liver

Just recently discovered that the local pub in my hometown serves the biggest shots ever...maybe I should venture out here more often? Ah...saw some old school friends at the weekend and I was surprised to find my local country pub gets a lot more rowdier than a central London Wetherspoons. Even more surprised to find out someone I went to school with is on his way to becoming a surgeon...'so what are you up to these days?...' It's always a bit weird when you're confronted by the adult versions of people who you remember once peed themselves during the school nativity play, even more shocking when you realise that they have the memory of an elephant and will during the course of the night, after giant local pub shots of tequila, regail everyone with stories of when you used to do embaressing things for shits and giggles at school. All in all, the whole 'school reunion' experience was a good one and it was fun re-establishing past connections. Oh how we've grown...