Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A little dedication....

I'm so happy to announce we will be supporting The Raveonettes in London on Monday Sep 7th! It will be their first UK show of the year and not only am I excited to be playing for them, I am also excited about hearing their new material, 'In And Out Of Control' which is released on October 6th.

I've mentioned how much I love the band in various interviews/blog posts in the past but I don't think they know just how much they mean to me. I've been a fan of Sune's work for half of my life. I heard his first project, Psyched Up Janis whilst barely in my teens when their song 'I Died In My Teens' was played on the radio. I bought their album and was totally obsessed with them. I followed Sune's other pursuit, an amazing surf band called The Tremolo Beer Gut and the first Raveonettes song I heard was 'Beat City' which was the only amazing song on a Q Magazine compilation I acquired. I bought Whip It On and Chain Gang and I had found my most perfect band since Nirvana.

When I met Sune and Sharin over 4 years ago, life was very very different for me. I was a very shy and awkward fan of theirs and interviewed them for my fanzine, Soma Soma Scene. I emailed their lovely manager Scott telling him about my amazing new web fanzine only thing was that at the time, it was yet to be put into practice. I'd got a small team of people together but we hadn't even got a single web page up. I didn't have a clue how to do it. However Scott immediately replied and agreed to an interview and asked if I wanted to do it by email or face to face. I jumped at the latter and had to wait a good 3 months before they were going to be in the UK. I was so excited in those 3 months and plotted every single question I had ever wanted to ask them.

I interviewed the band in March 2005 and meeting them and seeing them live was a pretty seminal moment in my life. At the time I was studying for a career I later detested and I was torn between following my brain and following my heart. Thank god I am now doing the latter. But at the time, I was totally new and naive to the music industry and bands...The Raveonettes were the first band who supported my fanzine. This initiated the confidence I later developed for writing, which had been a passion of mine from a young age however I had neglected it somewhat at university. They were such great sports that I felt confident to carry on writing and carry on with my fanzine. Through my fanzine I met other like-minded creatives for the first time in my life and started doing showcases of upcoming artists we had interviewed..this has now developed into Decasia and Sick Club. I was completely touched and inspired by Sune's own personal blogs on his Myspace that I felt it was important to do the same for our fans - hence I began this blog.

Since that initial meeting on a cold spring day in March 2005, I've kept in touch with Sune, Sharin and Scott and cherish them dearly. They are one of the few genuine bands out there that I know. They are constantly writing and releasing amazing music, constantly touring, constantly keeping in touch with all their fans...they have a real passion for what they do and do it for all the right reasons. They are just so so inspiring.

You can read my original interview with them here:

And buy tickets for the London show with us in support here:

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